Stardust Bin has announced the latest batch of SUPER★DRAGON official goods on September 27th, 2020. These goods went on presale the day of the 5th Anniversary online live, and orders will be accepted until October 3rd at 23:59 PM JST. The shipping date is expected to be mid-November 2020.

As with every previously released photoset of SUPER★DRAGON, each order of photoset 15 will come with 5 pictures randomly selected from the given sample below. Within each set every picture will be unique. However, orders of multiple photosets may contain duplicates.

The goods on the second page of the sample previews are commemorative productions by the members themselves; the process of which has been unveiled through a series of AREA SD Members Only videos. In addition to the member-designed goods, there is a smartphone pouch and special stickers collection to further increase your Supdra swag!

Each pack of stickers ordered will contain 2 random stickers from the samples given below. Within every set the two stickers will be unique to one another. However, orders of multiple sticker sets may contain duplicates.

For the first time, SUPER★DRAGON has announced the sale of AREA SD member restricted goods. The large keychain which was designed by the “My life” team is only available to AREA SD members (enrolled in paid subscription). To purchase this item, you must use the fanclub login option on Stardust Bin.

Please note that the “Pairdra” keychain product only includes the white dragon keychain. The black keychain is not included, as it is only owned by the members themselves. With this concept, the members hoped that we could get the feeling of owning matching keychains of dragons whose wings fit perfectly together as a bonded pair!

If you’d like to purchase some of the goods below, check out our Stardust Bin tutorial here.


Please note that orders of the 5th Anniversary goods are able to be combined with orders of the calendar and shipped in one bulk shipment, as long as you are also ordering the calendar from Stardust Bin. If you would like to order both the calendar and the 5th Anniversary Goods, we recommend to make one order of both in order to enjoy a reduced shipping fee.

Thanks for supporting SUPER★DRAGON!



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