For SUPER★DRAGON’s 5th Anniversary, AREA SD and the SUPER★DRAGON Official App have unveiled their plans to join the celebration!

For more information about the SUPER★DRAGON Official App and their official fanclub, AREA SD, please see our detailed tutorial here. The following announcement will assume basic familiarity with the information on that page If you’ve been thinking of joining, there’s no better time than during the big 5th Anniversary party!


Limited 5th anniversary point gacha


The point gacha will display new pictures of each member that follow the theme of the 5th anniversary. Each draw of the gacha will reveal a random member!


Period of Availability: 09/25 12:00 PM – 09/27 23:59 PM JST


5th Anniversary AREa sd exclusive livestream


After the NICONICO live broadcast of PARTY -Lunch Time-, an exclusive live broadcast will be shown on the official app so that we can spend even more time with SUPER★DRAGON on their special day! This livestream will only be available to AREA SD members (app registered members who are also enrolled in paid subscription). 


Livestream Time: 2020/09/27 13:20 – 14:00 PM JST (Scheduled)


In the event that you will not be able to watch the live broadcast, you can enjoy an archived video from September 30th as well!




In order to celebrate the 5th anniversary further, AREA SD has announced plans for the first ever “AREA SD lottery.” Anyone who is a paid subscriber to AREA SD is eligible to enter, and will receive a digital bromide as a participation prize (member selected at random).

Please note that the prizes for the AREA SD lottery are material items. As our tutorial states, you must use a proxy service to receive the reward if you are lucky enough to win!


Participation Period: 09/25 12:00 PM – 09/27 23:59 PM JST


Prize A: Individual member’s polaroid photo (member selected at random)

Prize B: Thank You Card (the design is identical across all cards)

Participation Prize: Digital Bromide (member selected at random)


In addition to the responsibility for providing a Japanese shipping address, the rules explicitly state that you must remain a paid subscriber to AREA SD until the dispatch of prizes, expected to be around November 2020. 

In addition, the official news announcement explicitly states that sharing the digital bromide participation prize on SNS and similar websites is strictly forbidden. We at Nine Dragons would like to use this moment to remind fans that the distribution of any AREA SD exclusive content (defined as content available only to those who are enrolled in premium subscription) on SNS such as Twitter, etc, has always been forbidden by the fanclub terms of service. We recommend that everyone follow the rules and keep up the good image SUPER★DRAGON fans have established, so that our boys can be proud of us too!

Good luck to everyone entering, and thanks for supporting SUPER★DRAGON!


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