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Name in Japanese: 志村(Shimura) 玲於 (Reo)
Position: Performer
Date of Birth: 1999.01.29
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 164.5cm
Weight: 65kg
MBTI: ENFP (2022), ENTP-T (2024)
Blood Type: B
(Fan assigned) Member color: Orange
(Fan assigned) Representative Animal: Dog
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Hobbies: Drinking/collecting tea, watching anime, playing games, dancing, working out


  • Has been dancing since (elementary school) third grade
  • Reo was not scouted, but he auditioned for EBiDAN after gaining interest in former DISH// member Ryuji Kobayashi
    Loves tea culture (tea etiquette, collecting different kinds of tea… etc)

  • His name originates from Kimba the White Lion
  • His father originally wanted to name him “Bob” but it was opposed by family members, thus the name that was settled on was “Reo”
  • One of his favorite foods is mango

  • He has an older sister and a younger sister

  • Is quite good at cooking and has cooked for the other members a number of times
  • Has a toy poodle named Luke