A nine-member mixture unit that debuted on 2015.09.27 from Stardust Promotion. They are also known as ”スパドラ” (supdra).

The name for SUPER★DRAGON fans is ‘BLUE‘ which was decided during the first fanclub-only live tour (2021), 18 EYES.

By combining rap, dance, and beatbox, their songs come together to be a mixture genre. The members show off their talents not just via singing and rapping, but also via dance performances.

Furthermore, SUPER★DRAGON can also be made into two different teams, known as FIRE DRAGON and THUNDER DRAGON. FIRE DRAGON consists of the four older members (Reo, Tsuyoshi, Jean, Hayate) while as THUNDER DRAGON consists of the younger members (Sougo, Koki, Hyoma, Tomoya, Raku). The subunits also have their own original songs aside from the main SUPER★DRAGON songs.

In 2016, during November, they released their first single (Pendulum Beat!)- a opening track for popular kids anime “YU-GI-OH ARC V”, due to this 11/16 is known as their CD debut anniversary date. Two months after the release of Pendulum Beat!, they released their first album with 16 songs, “1st Impact“. Following on from that was their second single, “Wacha-Gacha!“, then their third single “Monster!”, which stayed on the Oricon TOP 10 weekly charts for two weeks.
Their fourth single “SWEET DEVIL” was an opening for the drama “Kakugo wa iika soko no jyoshi” (覚悟はいいかそこの女子).

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