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At the end of the 5th Anniversary Online Live, SUPER★DRAGON unveiled a special announcement that they will release their first mini album on December 23rd, 2020! Immediately following the concert, a news release was posted on their official website. The news release begins by reflecting on the challenges the group has faced this year in light of the cancellation of their spring tour Nine Dragons’ Territory and the weight of continuing the connection to the fans through this time of restrained contact.… Read more

Along with the other 5th Anniversary announcements unveiled on September 27th, SUPER★DRAGON have also revealed the upcoming concept and release information of their 2021 official calendar! This time, SUPER★DRAGON have announced that they will attempt to show us a fresh view of the boys that has never been seen before.… Read more

On the September 19th pre-concert NICONICO broadcast held to promote SUPER★DRAGON’s upcoming anniversary, the members unveiled surprise plans to release a new single titled “Burning in the nights” on September 23rd, 2020.

The news announcement from the official homepage included the following statement:

“In order to advance to the forefront of promotions that incorporate overseas influence, we’re welcoming three-time award winning music producer and Japanese representative to the global music stage, UTA, in his first composition for SUPER★DRAGON.… Read more

On September 9th, 2020, SUPER★DRAGON will release a brand new live album on most major streaming platforms with recordings from their 2019 concert, -IDENTITY NINE-. Carrying the theme from their 3rd full album 3rd Identity, the -IDENTITY NINE- concert focuses on the key theme of one’s own “identity,” and the 9 members’ identity songs recorded in realtime audio are sure to make one just as proud of our boys while listening at home as one would seeing them in concert!… Read more