In order to celebrate the release of the upcoming mini-album “Burn it black e.p.” SUPER★DRAGON has announced that an upcoming collaboration café will be held from December 2nd to December 20th in the Omotesando branch of the Tower Records Café!

Reservations can be made on the website of the cafe at the bottom of the news release linked below. Reservation entry will come with the special benefit of receiving a random member badge that is exclusive to the cafe. In addition, each menu item ordered will be delivered to the table with a random postcard out of a selected assortment shown on the news release. The menu offers a range of three main courses, three desserts, and three drinks that appear on the member-selected menu, as well as additional drinks available on the standard menu. 

Due to the ongoing global situation in regard to COVID-19, it may difficult for SUPER★DRAGON fans to participate in the collaboration cafe. Because of this, we have translated the member’s selected menu and the included description! Even if many international fans cannot make it to Japan, you can imagine your perfect menu in your head and see what interesting names the members chose for their menu item!

Check the gallery below to see the menu!



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[Gallery] Member Produced Menu and Description


[Tsuyoshi’s Main Course] The Head Rooster! That’s Me!
Omelette over chicken rice with hamburg steak, demi glace, and fresh cream


[Koki’s Main Course] The Only Winning Teriyaki
Pizza with teriyaki sauce, roast chicken, corn, mayonnaise, and baby greens


[Raku’s Main Course] The Only Winning Mapo Tofu with a Kick of Sichuan Pepper
Mapo tofu on white rice with sichuan peppercorns


[Jean’s Dessert] Love Bread
French toast with whipped cream, caramel sauce, and edible flowers



[Hayate’s Dessert] Don’t Think, Feel Parfait
Vanilla ice cream and kanten jelly parfait with black sugar, kinako powder, red beans, and mochi



[Sougo’s Dessert] The Chocolate Express Train on the Caramel Loop Line
Whipped cream stuffed donut with mixed nuts, almond brittle, chocolate sauce, and caramel drizzle



[Reo’s Drink] With the Eve
Milk tea with cinnamon, chai spice flavors, and a sprig of mint


[Hyoma’s Drink] Soy Strawberry
Strawberry soy milk with vanilla ice cream, strawberry glaze, crushed strawberries, and a sprig of mint



[Tomoya’s Drink] Wassup Lemon Soda Man!
Lemon soda with mixed fruit and nata de coco





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