After much anticipation, details of the online live broadcast of DRA FES 2020 have been posted to the SUPER★DRAGON official website! DRA FES is SUPER★DRAGON’s annual concert marking the anniversary of their physical CD debut, and the day is usually filled with a joint fanmeeting and concert so that fans can spend the day with the members. This year, it has been decided that DRA FES will be an online concert due to the ongoing circumstances regarding COVID-19 in Japan.

The all day festival will once again be split into one fanmeeting segment and one concert. The theme of this year’s fanmeeting is the “Ryuuzaki High School Festival,” re-visiting the school concept they first introduced in the concert HAZARDSCHOOL 0. The concert is titled “BOX WORLD,” and the description of the concert boasts that a new side of SUPER★DRAGON will be shown through the mysterious theme of “Box.”

Both the concert and fanmeeting broadcast will be managed through Tixplus. As Tixplus is part of the Fanplus network, there is a special benefit available to AREA SD registered members (enrolled in paid subscription). This time, there is also the chance to order a ticket for the live without receiving the benefit. Please check the details below if you are interested in watching the live! If you need help with Tixplus, please follow our tutorial here!

Let’s have fun supporting SUPER★DRAGON into their sixth year and beyond!



DRA FES 2020 Schedule


Broadcast Date 2020/11/15


PART ONE: “Ryuuzaki High School Festival” (Fanmeeting)


Broadcast Time Stream Opens 13:00 / Starts 14:00 / Ends 15:30 (estimated)


Price AREA SD Special Price + Benefit 3850 JPY / AREA SD Special Price (No Benefit) 3300 JPY / Regular Price 3750 JPY




Broadcast Time Stream Opens 18:00 / Starts 19:00 / Ends 20:30 (estimated)


Price AREA SD Special Price + Benefit 4400 JPY / AREA SD Special Price (No Benefit) 3850 JPY / Regular Price 4290 JPY


Link to Event Page



About AREA SD Special Benefits


Benefit: Special DRA FES 2020 Photoset


Three random pictures from a special DRA FES 2020 photoset will be given out as one set per ticket purchase. Please note that this photoset is a physical item that will be sent to the address you have registered on the “My Page” section of your account. Tixplus does not support international shipping, so the usage of a Japanese proxy shipping service is required. As with the usual SUPER★DRAGON photosets, there is a possibility to receive a signed picture. Each photoset will be respective to either the fanmeeting or the concert. It is possible to receive both types of photosets by purchasing a ticket for both the fanmeeting and the concert.


Benefit: Special DRA FES 2020 Digital Memorial Ticket


A digital memorial ticket will be available for download from the ticket section of the SUPER★DRAGON official app according to the tickets which you have purchased. This ticket will include special access to photos taken the day of the concert that can only be seen through this mechanism. Each digital ticket will be respective to either the fanmeeting or the concert. It is possible to receive both types of digital tickets by purchasing a ticket for both the fanmeeting and the concert.



Special Notes


In the case that you would like to receive the AREA SD benefits, please be certain that you can use a Japanese proxy shipping service such as Tenso. The photoset pictures are estimated to ship in mid-December. You cannot elect to receive only one AREA SD benefit but not the other. If you are unable to use a proxy shipping service, you may still enjoy the benefit of a reduced price on the ticket for each segment.

Please note that the set of benefits is different for each segment. Therefore, if you purchase a ticket for the fanmeeting, you will receive the fanmeeting photoset and fanmeeting digital ticket. If you purchase a ticket for the concert, you will receive the concert photoset and digital ticket. It is possible to receive both types of benefits by purchasing tickets with benefit for both segments.

Please note that the purchase of both segments is handled separately. The prices listed above are prices for tickets for that segment only. On the Tixplus event page, there is an orange button for purchasing each segment respectively. Before you process your payment, please double check to confirm the segment and ticket type to be absolutely sure you are purchasing what you intended to.

Please note that, as our Tixplus tutorial also explains, a ticket for an online concert is referred to as a “Streampass” on Tixplus. Therefore, following the purchase instructions for a Streampass is equivalent to purchasing a ticket. For the sake of simplicity, we have referred to the Streampass in this article as a “ticket.” Please see our Tixplus tutorial here for more complete information about how to register and purchase tickets.



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