SUPER★DRAGON member Tomoya is the latest cast member announced to appear in winter TV drama “6 From HiGH & LOW THE WORST” airing on Hulu Japan as well as syndicated television nationwide. Tomoya joins EBiDAN labelmate and former PrizmaX member Morisaki Win, who has been cast in the series as the antagonist Motoaki. Little has been revealed of Tomoya’s role, but his character’s name has been announced to be “Taiyo.”

NOTE: The following information contains general information about the HiGH & LOW series for fans who would like a general overview of the plot in order to understand Tomoya’s appearance more clearly. There may be unintentional spoilers revealed in an effort to summarize prior events in the story. If you would like to watch the series from the beginning, please keep reading only at your own discretion.


HiGH & LOW began in 2015 as a television drama and has become a widely successful multimedia franchise. The original story of HiGH & LOW centered on a story set in a lawless land controlled by 5 rival motorcycle gangs, the names of which formed the acronym S.W.O.R.D. Sannoh Association, White Rascals, Oya High, Rude Boyz, and Daruma Ikka were called to form an unlikely alliance in order to protect their city from the threat of a greater force destroying society by targeting the poor and vulnerable. The two television series and four movies weave tales of courage and friendship through the overarching plot in which S.W.O.R.D. eventually faces the greatest enemy as one.

The gang around which the story largely centers, Sannoh Association, has a deep rooted history which is later illustrated by the leading members’ history with a previous gang, MUGEN. The story explores the reasons why MUGEN disbanded under mysterious circumstances, and introduces the Amamiya Brothers as well as exploring their motivations for remaining unaffiliated and vagrant amongst a society where connections are tantamount to survival.

The story of Sannoh Association concludes at the end of HiGH & LOW: The Final Chapter (the fourth movie in the series). In 2019, it was announced that the story of HiGH & LOW will be told from the perspective of the gang of Oya High, a high school based gang that is a member of the S.W.O.R.D. alliance. The story of THE WORST begins while the events of the original HiGH & LOW series are still ongoing. Oya High leaders Murayama and Todoroki make a reappearance in the series while the story adds new characters Fujio and Tsukasa, played by members of Exile boy band THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE.

The story of THE WORST begins in drama series EPISODE 0. In this series, Tsukasa brings Fujio back to Oya High as one of the school’s strongest fighters. It is introduced that Fujio grew up in a slum apartment, and a ragtag team of six childhood friends remain with ties that bind closer than ever. The story continues in the movie, titled THE WORST, in which Fujio and his friends work together to rescue one friend who has fallen behind to the shadows.

The story then continues in the currently running series, “6 From HiGH & LOW THE WORST.” A former tennant of the slum in which the band of friends grew up has returned to start trouble. Fujio becomes the acquaintance of Housen Academy leader Sachio, and the call to form an alliance not unlike that of S.W.O.R.D. draws nearer as they face greater threats to the people they protect.

Let’s all support Tomoya in this major television appearance! The episode with his appearance airs today, December 10th, at 24:59 AM JST (technically December 11th).



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