From November 19th to November 21st, 2021, SUPER★DRAGON member Tanaka Koki featured as guest model for the SSH the Exhibition project in their 17th volume in the series. The SSH the Exhibition project aims to bring together creators with various entertainers to promote local fashion design in Japan through a series of small, pop-up style exhibitions. At the exhibition, limited clothing items could be purchased which were modeled by the two members themselves. For every purchase of clothing, a special limited booklet was given to each customer. At the Vol. 17 exhibition, customers were opted to choose between an A5 and an A4 booklet featuring not only Koki modeling the SSH clothing but also Kitamura Ryo. Nine Dragons visited the exhibition but there was a rule to not take images inside the store, unlike last time- so the images provided below are from the SSH Twitter.


The large posters on the wall of some of the photos were really nice to see, it was a shame that photography wasn’t allowed. We hope that SSH will have more SUPER★DRAGON members participate in their projects in the future! 

We have also scanned the A4 and A5 booklets of this event! As well, we will be uploading the previous SSH (models: Hyoma & Tomoya) for those who may have missed it at the time of posting. NOTE: Please download the scans after reading and agreeing to the “Special Note” section below.


Let’s look forward to further projects in which the boys can showcase their creativity and modelling talent! For more information about the SSH Exhibition project as well as any upcoming exhibitions, please check the official twitter at @sshbysevensins.

[SCANS] SSH the Exhibition Vol. 17 – Limited Booklets, A4 & A5

+SSH the Exhibition Vol. 13 Reupload



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