Nine Dragons is now open to the public! We are thankful for the endless patience of those who were waiting for us to open and we hope you enjoy your stay. Please excuse our dust in the event that anything is not working correctly, and if you send us a message on twitter @ninedragons_net it would be great help to us in identifying and fixing any website bugs.

Our website loads best in desktop view. We have not optimized the website for mobile view just yet, so please keep in mind some things may not work correctly when you’re loading the site on your phone. We’re doing our best to make sure the website will load beautifully on mobile soon.

Site Updates Every Saturday

We plan to consistently update the website from here on out with more and more content. Just so everyone can see all of the new stuff, we’ll make a masterlist of our updates from the previous week on Saturdays.

We hope that this will be a useful way to make sure you didn’t miss out on anything new. 🙂

Any Requests?

We’re already working on a few projects behind the scenes, but we’d like to know what other fans want to see translated most. If you have a specific request, tell us about it! We’ve opened a form below:


Translation Request form


We appreciate any and all feedback and requests, and we’re very thankful for the support we’ve received so far on Twitter. Let’s all have fun supporting SUPER★DRAGON!