SUPER★DRAGON’s 5th Anniversary – In their Own Words


a special presentation and translation by nine dragons

SUPER★DRAGON first performed as a complete unit on September 27th, 2015 during the annual Ebidan Kids revue show, “Hoshiomatsuri.” From the moment Tsuyoshi nervously called out to the audience as the music that would come to be SUPER★DRAGON’s began to play in that small theatre, to the moment the curtain fell over a stage of just 9 people as fans all over the world tuned in to the live broadcast of their 5th Anniversary Online Live, the moments gathered by SUPER★DRAGON members, fans, and all of the staff who have made this happen for both of us, are almost too numerous to count and yet too precious to forget.

The team at Nine Dragons are thankful to SUPER★DRAGON for existing, bringing the group of people reading this page together, and touching each of our lives in our own ways. We would like to bring you our translation of their 5th Anniversary messages from the official LINE blog and official Instagram accounts in hopes that people all over the world can share in this moment with SUPER★DRAGON and us fans.

Thank you for continuing to support SUPER★DRAGON!

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translation by nine dragons


2020/9/27 23:09




It’s Cool Koki.

Today, we celebrated Supdra’s 5th anniversary. Thank you.

On our anniversary date, we were lucky enough to have an awesome time with our fans throughout the entire day with the “SUPER★DRAGON 5th anniversary ONLINE LIVE” project.

What we’ve been doing for these past 5 years is not something just anyone and everyone can do.

The only ones who can do it are…

Reo Shimura, Tsuyoshi Furukawa, Jean Kaito, Hayate Iijima, Sougo Ito, Hyoma Ikeda, Tomoya Matsumura, Raku Shibazaki…

…And all of the people who have decided to call themselves “SUPER★DRAGON’s fan” at some point in their life.

Spending this time with all of the people I mentioned above, in the happiest time of my life, has been a pleasure.

The other members are the greatest people I could be with. Today especially I thought to myself how much I want to be with these people together as we overcome hardship, experience happiness, and keep smiling as we climb higher and higher.

Well, I wasn’t sure if I was going to talk about this, but it looks like I’m going to talk about it anyway haha

Once the broadcast ended, there was that time when all the staff who have worked hard to make our livestream a success came forward and all the members were there, and we turned to one another and said “Great work today!” with huge smiles on our faces

I managed to hang on and not let myself cry earlier on

But before I realized what was happening, I just fell back into the darkness, crying and crying with a huge smile on my face. Hahahaha

All I could think in that moment was…

“I’m so happy to be here.”

Okay that’s enough of being embarrassing LOL

So! With all that said…

From now until all the years and then all the years more, running like crazy without stopping will be us. Please enjoy watching where we end up running to!

That’s all from me for now

Cool Koki out!

See ya!











Ah, speaking of which, I permed my hair.



2020/9/28 22:39


Tomoya’s Blog


Hey, it’s Tomoya.

Yesterday we turned 5 years old.

Even though I’ve only been existing for 16 years, I’ve spent 5 of them here already. That really makes me think a lot. Every minute, every second of my time with Supdra has been filled with love.

You know, whoever invented language might have been a genius, and yet we still can’t invent words adequate to express our emotions as they are. Tucked away in my heart, there’s so many things I can only tell you with my eyes.

At any rate, thank you for sticking it out for five years.

Everyone please stay for the 6th year too.

Alright then… g’night





2020/9/28 23:48


Tsuyoshi’s Blog


Yesterday, we welcomed our 5th year anniversary. Finally, I think I’m feeling a bit faded out.

Like, really? The SECRET BASE live already happened?

It must have been a good show.

Nah, I remember; it was a perfect show. It was amazing and fun and wonderful.

In order to be ready for the big moment, it’s like I haven’t had a single letter of a thought linger in my mind.

Surrounded by the wonderful staff who have given us this opportunity to be together, doing the things we love to do, I can be nothing but delighted that this moment is overflowing with such hope and passion for us and our future.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

In this life, there are, of course, times when I face those feelings of greed and impatience. But once I come to my senses, I must admit that what we are doing is something perhaps unprecedented. Who else is out there doing this the way we are?

I’m going to be honest: there isn’t anyone.

I can pretty much swear on it that we are the most innovative ones out here now.

This is what makes me love SUPER★DRAGON.

We all know that, no matter what you think should be right or fair or how much you indulge your imagination, the future that will come to exist in reality is something no one can know.

Even so, I choose to have faith. I’m putting all of that faith in us. That we will acheive success beyond what we have even dreamed, that we will triumph over all obstacles, that we will remain our true selves, that the world we grasp from the sky like a flying arrow in midair will be that future that we have shared as our vision. That’s what I believe in. But I know that we will have to carve this out ourselves. I don’t actually care what others think is realistic for us, or what people think about what our “level” is.

We could take the same path as everyone else, but I don’t want to be like everyone else. I don’t want to go where everyone else is going. If that’s where we end up, I have zero interest, sorry. If you believe that the power of your thoughts can manifest in the collective, I would tell this higher power just this: that I don’t even care about even what happens to my own life. I don’t care as long as we can do this.

Yes, I’m okay.

Don’t worry. I say this out of a place of love.

From here on out, we’ll keep going so that we can reach more and more people who haven’t heard of Supdra yet. In that moment when we can reap the rewards of our efforts, I need it to be with 9 people. When that time comes, I need you in front of me. I need to see all of you who have had faith with me, continued alongside us, and kept supporting us through everything.

I’m asking you humbly to please continue giving us that support.

After this, I wonder what interesting things will come forth. We’ll keep working hard to improve.

From the bottom of my heart, and always, thank you.

Please take care of yourselves to stay healthy!

I leave you with this…



…A man who doesn’t remember how to take a selfie.



2020/9/29 18:41




This is Hyoma Ikeda.



Thanks for supporting our 5th Anniversary Live. A collective of everything we’ve done so far, the first and second parts were both a pleasure to share with you. Above all else, I was glad that I could share September 27th, the day we celebrate as our anniversary date, by spending that day with you all.

I won’t go on and on.

I’ll leave you with this:

From here on out, we’ll be leaping towards our 6th year. Please keep supporting us in that time.

And for the support you’ve already given, thank you so much.

Hyoma Ikeda



2020/9/29 20:33


05 Sougo’s Blog


Thanks for supporting us in the 5th Anniversary Live.

No matter how you slice it, it’s been a very enriching five years. I’m so happy that we’ve managed to get through this together and remain 9. The 2020/09/27 Express Train will keep going until the end, and this stop is just one of many up ahead.

From here on out, we’ll keep going as 9.

We’ll take you to lots and lots of wonderful places.

Thanks for coming along!











Q: In your previous blog, did you use a platform access ticket to take the picture? Or if not, where did you go?

A: I used a platform access ticket to just look at the train. Maybe it was the weekday evening or maybe not, but it seems like there’s more and more travelers these days. Yay!

Q: The other day I was walking from Shibuya to Harajuku, and when I was next to the tracks I saw a completely blue train! The exterior looked so cool but I don’t know the name. Any ideas what it might be?!

A: Sounds like a Sotetsu 12000, perhaps? They’re using this one for direct routes on the Saikyo Line.

Q: I’m a Hachiko Line commuter, but I’m only using the segment from Takasaki to Komagawa as I’m living in Gunma Prefecture. Is the train ride from Komagawa to Tokyo much different?

A: That segment runs on diesel cars and therefore wouldn’t be considered a “densha” (electric train) per se, but the segment from Komagawa to Hachioji runs on train cars. The car types and timetables are completely separate.

Q: Sougo, which shinkansen is your favorite?

A: It’s a tie between E2 and E4 I think! For the route I like Joetsu. The one I’m into lately is San’yo. As for Mizuho and so forth, I’m looking forward to trying it.

I am always accepting more questions!



translation by nine dragons







SUPER★DRAGON: Thank you to everyone who joined us for SUPER★DRAGON’s 5th Anniversary Online Live, both “PARTY -Lunch Time-” and “CEREMONY -Dinner Time-!”

Let’s have fun in this wonderful world together.

Sep 27, 2020











Tomoya: The 5th anniversary

Thank you.

This feeling is something words fail me to describe, but I know the day will come when I can show you physically.

For everyone who has given their love to us, know that we are the ones who are giving love back to you the most. I can promise you that.

Sep 27, 2020













TSUYOSHI: Today, SUPER★DRAGON welcomed out 5th anniversary since our formation.

For lunch, we exposed our silliness completely. For dinner, we laid bare the fighting spirit within us. 

One more footprint in the sand.

Thanks for supporting us, always. I won’t clutter this up with my lengthy words. Let’s see the dream come true together!

Sep 27, 2020











SOUGO: Thank you for welcoming our 5th anniversary with us, from the bottom of my heart. From this point and onward, our wheels will keep turning.

To having fun in this wonderful world!

Sep 27, 2020











JEAN: Thx guys!!!!

I love u all! ?

Sep 27, 2020






jjean_naejj   Sep 27, 2020



Jean’S IG STORY: Thanks for celebrating 5 years ?

What fans represent for us is a role that even family and friends can’t fill in our hearts. From here on out, keep on being there for us please ✌️

Even with the state of the world today, with us and our music we hope you can turn all your negative thoughts and feelings into the positive! I believe that this is what’s so good about music, and we aim to be that kind of group for you all too. For those of you out there holding onto something painful or difficult, you can let it all out. I’m here!

I want to feel you all next to me in person, and I hope we can quickly move past hiding behind the barrier of a phone or computer screen ?

So yeah, come on over to Jean and I’ll take care of ya








RAKU: Thank you for letting us go for 5 years.

Please stick with us as we keep running around like crazy. I love you!

Sep 27, 2020








HAYATE: We’ve made it to our fifth anniversary as 9 ?

What gives us the power to stick around is, of course, the power supplied by the fans who have been supporting us throughout this time.

Thank you

I’ll keep fighting

#飯島颯 (Hayate Iijima)

Sep 27, 2020











KOKI: Thank you for tuning in to the “SUPER★DRAGON 5th anniversary ONLINE LIVE”

As yet another precious memory made of this time, I’m so happy I could do it with all of you beside me.

We will always be running around and doing dumb stuff just like we always were. Please give us the benefit of the doubt anyway, and be patient with us for the long, long, long time we are here.

Thanks once again for this great day!

Sep 27, 2020











HYOMA: The 5th Anniversary Live

…and, as well, for our 5th anniversary in general

Thank you for all of it.

Please keep supporting us from here on out as well.

Sep 27, 2020








REO: What a great time we had at the 5th Anniversary Live!

We’re definitely not ready to stop now; we’re racing forward with our lives on the line even harder than we were before. Please keep supporting us if you can.

Thanks for five years.

Sep 27, 2020