On September 9th, the official twitter account for the Shibuya TSUTAYA location updated with pictures and an announcement that three more members of SUPER★DRAGON visited the special in-store display for the S★D File ~Deluxe Edition~ Artist Book! Previously, we reported on the visit to the store by Jean, Hayate, and Hyoma. This time, Reo, Tsuyoshi, and Koki came to leave their signatures and handwritten messages.

Check out the pictures below to see Reo, Tsuyoshi, and Koki on the 2nd floor display, as well as at Tomoya’s personal manga selection displayed in the basement.

The display panels that were signed by the members will be given to 18 lucky fans determined by lottery. In order to enter the lottery, you must purchase the S★D File ~Deluxe Edition~ Artist Book at the actual TSUTAYA store in Shibuya. Due to a surprising amount of popularity, the photobook is currently completely sold out both in-store and on the Shibuya TSUTAYA online store. TSUTAYA has announced that the next restocking will be on September 19th, 2020, to coincide with the campaign renewal. For more information about the TSUTAYA S★D File ~Deluxe Edition~ Artist Book promotional campaign, check out our report here.

For more information about the S★D File ~Deluxe Edition~ Artist Book, check out our detailed news post here.



PURCHASE THE S★D File ~Deluxe Edition~ Artist Book FROM SHIBUYA TSUTAYA (9/19~)









Tsuyoshi, Reo, and Koki check out the second floor display!
Tsuyoshi shows off his favorite manga, NARUTO, to the others.


Tsuyoshi’s definitely confident in his choice!
These three didn’t forget about the basement display either!


Reo’s signature and handwritten message: “These are the books that I hope will open doors for you as they did for me. Please make sure to read them well! ?”


Tsuyoshi’s signature and handwritten message: “My bible is your bible and your bible is my bible”


Koki’s signature and handwritten message: “There’s some good stuff in here if you give these a read!”




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